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Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken Nachos

Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken Nachos | Sugar and Grace

Things have been a little crazy around here lately, and I’ve been doing unheard of things like going to bed at ten and not touching my computer for days.

Maybe we all need a little more crazy.

Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken Nachos | Sugar and Grace

It’s been nice, but I’ve been slacking here. And here. So I thought I would get my stuff together and share with you a recipe that is just made for times like these. It uses leftovers, and pantry items that most of us have around. It takes like 5 minutes to prepare (if you have the chicken cooked of course). And the combination of flavors is out-of-this-world.

Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken Nachos | Sugar and Grace

I threw this together because I literally had no other ideas…the chicken I had made a few days prior, just because, ya know, it sounded good. And everything else I scrounged up from my fridge and pantry. Fortunately, it was one of those happy mistakes, and it turned into a meal we all adored. Will absolutely be making again.

Barbecue Chicken Nachos


For the Chicken:

3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 1/2 tsp onion powder

1 1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

4 oz beer

16 oz barbecue sauce (The original recipe calls for a thin barbecue sauce…I would recommend the same. I used a Weber sauce, and it had a great consistency. And flavor! The chicken needs the liquid from a thin sauce, and a thick barbecue sauce would require a bit more beer.)

Stir spices together and pat onto chicken breasts. Put into your crockpot and add beer and 12 oz of barbecue sauce. Cook on low until done, approx. 8 hours. When cooked, shred chicken with two forks and add remaining barbecue sauce. Stir, then allow everything to sit for a few minutes to warm through. Serve.

For the Nachos:

tortilla chips

prepared barbecue chicken

sharp white cheddar cheese, shredded

1/2 c light sour cream

1/2 lime, juiced

small handful cilantro, plus more for garnish

grape tomatoes, halved


  1. Spread desired amount of tortilla chips on a foil lined baking sheet. Top with chicken and shredded cheese, and broil in the oven until cheese begins to melt. (As you can see in the pics, I didn't do this…we were hungry. But by all means, melt that cheese if you so desire)
  2. Meanwhile, in a mini food processor, chop the cilantro and add in sour cream and lime juice. Mix until combined.
  3. Remove nachos from oven and top with sour cream sauce, fresh tomatoes, and more cilantro.
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Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken Nachos | Sugar and Grace

Chicken adapted from and with thanks to: Jessica, at How Sweet Eats

To see the bbq sauce I used, go here

toniFebruary 8, 2014 - 3:22 pm

Will be dinner at our house (& G’ma’s) one night this week! How easy – love it!

Healthy Chocolate Almond Smoothie

My mom hates it every time I tell this story, because she thinks it makes her a bad mom. I can assure you, she is far from, and is the best mother I could ask for.

But she did force me to eat lima beans when I was little.

Healthy Chocolate Almond Smoothie | Sugar and Grace

I can remember so distinctly sitting in our brown wooden chairs in our little dining room in our little house out in the country. We had a huge garden…the lima beans may have been homegrown for all I know. But I was NOT eating them. No way no how. I don’t even remember if I ever did. But I sat at that table for what seemed like an eternity…was not allowed to leave until I ate them.

This is still now one of the only vegetables I can think of that I don’t like. So many other things that I wouldn’t eat when I was little (onions, sweet potatoes, cabbage, asparagus….gah) are some of my most favorite things now. Needless to say, I’ve gotten much better about trying new foods.

Healthy Chocolate Almond Smoothie | Sugar and Grace

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KimJanuary 27, 2014 - 3:31 pm

I am old enough to be your Mother, and I still don’t like lima beans. It doesn’t get easier! Yuck…

jpJanuary 27, 2014 - 4:18 pm

Health coach approved!!!

You should try cacao powder next time…superfood packed smoothie!

Love the pics, as usual.

Thai Chicken Flatbread

Thai Chicken Flatbread | Sugar and Grace

So the point of an elimination detox is to eat clean for 7 days (whole foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats) then slowly begin to add things back in to see how our bodies react to them. I love it because it’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s just a way of being aware of what you put in your body and how it affects you.

Over the next few days I am probably going to reintroduce dairy into my diet (CHEESE!!), and then beans, nuts, etc. over time.  I don’t anticipate having any food intolerances…pretty sure I have an iron stomach…BUT, I am so much more aware of what I eat, and I want to make absolutely sure I am not consuming things that adversely affect my health and energy level.

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JPJanuary 18, 2014 - 2:57 am

I love you comments about detoxing and what you have learned!!! I am so honored to have you as a participant. love you!

Massaged Kale Salad w/ Apple and Cranberry

Well, this is getting tough now.

Massaged Kale Salad w/ Apple and Cranberry | Sugar and Grace

I love salads, and chicken, and soups, and all the yummy things we get to have on this detox. But I also love cheese, and bagels, and dessert.

My cravings are definitely beginning to set in, and it is tough. But I’m excited for two reasons! 1.) I have been very satiated on the recipes Jennifer has given us, and my habitual snacking has gone down because I’m not always hungry. 2.) I’ve gained a new fantastic salad recipe for my ever-growing list of favorites.

Massaged Kale Salad w/ Apple and Cranberry | Sugar and Grace

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JPJanuary 11, 2014 - 3:57 pm

Your pictures are always so fantastic. Seriously! This salad is SO delish, thanks for featuring it on your blog!